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    Terms of use

    1. Binding Agreement

    This document is a binding agreement between the Company (Graphical Analytics Private Limited) and the user of the website (www.graphicalresearch.com). By using the website and its services, the user certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age. The user also agrees to the terms of use as stated in this document, which may be revised at the sole discretion of the company. The user is requested to review these terms periodically before using the website.

    2. Shipping Policy

    All report purchases will be delivered within 60 business hours upon confirmation of the order. Order is declared confirmed only once Graphical Analytics Private Limited receives and confirms payment or signed purchase order from its customer.

    Prices do not include international, federal, state, and local taxes. You will be responsible for all applicable sales, use, and VAT taxes levied on this transaction. Purchase via the internet, catalog, telephone, or other remote means, does not exempt your order from tax liability. Please check your local laws regarding your tax obligation.

    Reports/Publications sold by Graphical Analytics Private Limited always remain the sole property of Graphical Analytics Private Limited.

    3. Refund and Cancellation Policy

    Due to the nature of information sold, we cannot accept refunds or cancellation of products once they are delivered.

    Please make sure to read all available information about a report before placing your order.

    If you have any questions about a report’s coverage or relevance, contact us for expert assistance from a research specialist.

    4. Privacy Policy

    The company is committed to ensuring that the privacy of the site users is secure and intact. With this, the company has drafted a detailed privacy policy for all website users. You can view the policy here: https://www.graphicalresearch.com/terms-of-use-and-privacy-policyUsers are requested to read this policy carefully before browsing the website.

    The company reserves the right to modify or update this privacy policy, without prior notice, solely at the company’s discretion. We advise the users to check the website periodically for any changes.

    5. Intellectual Property & Copyright / Dispute Resolution

    The user agrees to obey all intellectual property laws while accessing the website or using any services from the company or its affiliates. The user also agrees not to upload, display, download, perform, transmit, or otherwise distribute any information or content which violates any third-party copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights. Information or content on the company website (www.graphicalresearch.com) or in any of the products and services offered by the company is protected under copyright laws and international copyright treaties and conventions. Any infringement, copying, or reproduction can lead to civil and/ criminal action against the user or any individual who copies and/or plagiarizes either in whole or in part.

    The company reserves the right to suspend or terminate any user’s access to its website or services, including its affiliates, where the user is perceived to have infringed upon the company’s intellectual property or copyright. If in the opinion of any user or good faith, the company is perceived to have infringed upon a third party’s copyright or intellectual property; then provided the user is authorized to act on behalf of the third party, may ask the company to delete or remove such material from its website, by providing ample proof of the infringement. The user must send this notice and its evidence to [email protected].