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Research Services

  • Research reports

Graphical Market Research offers research reports with a view to explore the varied strategic requirements of the industry stakeholders and provide actionable insights. The studies map growth potential areas for market expansion, analyze the macroeconomic landscape to identify barriers to entry, and provide granular insights into the industry dynamics. The following information forms part of a standard report:

  • Industry scope & segmentation
  • Business ecosystem
  • Regional industry impact forces
  • Technological landscape
  • Regulatory environment
  • Product market estimates
  • Application market estimates
  • Regional market estimates
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Company profiles
    • Operating structure
    • Financial information
    • Products mapped to applications
    • Growth strategies
    • SWOT analysis


  • Custom research

We understand that off-the-shelf reports may not be fully compatible with the dynamic business landscape and varied client requirements. Graphical Market Research offers custom research services, which include designing targeted studies, such as for a particular product, application or region. We also work with clients to better understand their objectives and tailor the reports to their criteria.


  • Consulting services

Our seasoned team of analysts works with partner organizations to provide competitive intelligence and assist in sustained growth and development. Some of the services as part of this portfolio include:

  • Market commercialization/go-to-market strategy
  • Product development & innovation
  • Attractive growth avenues & profitability recommendations
  • Pricing strategy
  • Branding & marketing recommendations