North America Feed Phosphate Market Size to Reach $1.25 Bn By 2026

Published Date: 2020-11-27

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According to the Graphical Research new growth forecast report titled “North America Feed Phosphate Market Size by Product (Monocalcium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Ammonium Phosphates, Defluorinated Phosphate, Others), By Livestock (Poultry, Cattle, Aquaculture, Swine, Pet, Others)”, Estimated to Exceed USD  1.25 billion by 2026.

Growing consumer awareness regarding the animal health and wellness and providing them with adequate nutrition is positively affecting the market growth. Feed phosphates are added to meat and dairy products intended to be consumed by animals and help in promoting their overall wellbeing. These products are gaining high popularity owing to the structuring of pork and poultry industry and positive application outlook in the meat and dairy products.

The lower amount of phosphorous in the animal nutrition causes various problems including lower body weight, metabolism, and skeletal problems, which reduce the overall performance and can even lead to deaths. Ensuring proper nutrition for animals has become one of the major concerns for owners and they are highly shifting toward the consumption of additives including feed phosphates thereby boosting the market growth.

The presence of large number of key players in North America coupled with strategic initiatives such as mergers, development, acquisition and partnership are the main aim of the players, in order to strengthen its position. Furthermore, Industry players are continuously investing in research and development activities in order monitor its product offering and enhance its product folio. Manufacturers are also in an effort to reduce the price of feed phosphates by developing innovative production processes which reduce dependence on raw materials such as phosphate rock.

Innovation has led to the development of techniques for recovery of phosphorous which include chemical precipitation using fly ash, phosphorous removal using biological process and crystallization. Heavy investment by companies in research and development to make production of feed phosphates sustainable may accelerate market growth. However, increasing availability of substitutes such as phytase which is cost-effective and provides health benefits such as improved gut health, increased body weight and making phytic acid in grains and feed sources easily digestible may hinder growth of the North America feed phosphate market to some extent during the forecast timeframe.

Dicalcium phosphate product was valued at over USD 600 million in 2019 and anticipated to grow with the CAGR of 3.5% Dicalcium phosphate are widely used feed phosphate in cattle industry. It is an important source of calcium and phosphorus, it increases milk production, improves immunity status and productive life in cattle. Moreover, feed phosphates are used in cattle to protect from sickness on arrival, coccidias for safeguarding animal from vulnerable, ionophores to help maximize feed efficiency for higher gains and beta agonist for increasing efficiency, thereby driving the industry growth.

Increasing demand for meat and meat related products such as pork, chicken, and beef in the region has led to extensive usage of feed phosphates in the market. Feed phosphates are given to livestock animals for the mineral requirement in their daily diets. These products are generally mixed with commercial feed such as fodder and premixes and provides nutrition in the form of calcium and phosphorous.

High income population demand for premium quality meat which can be obtained by maintaining overall health of animals. Furthermore, tricalcium phosphates are majorly used in pet food resulting to muscle contraction, skeletal formation, blood clotting and nerve impulse transmission. The product also helps in improving supply of calcium and phosphorous to support intermediary metabolism thereby enhancing growth process along with providing essential nutrients and weight management. This has propelled North America feed phosphate market from pet livestock by the CAGR of 2.7% over the forecasted period.

Key players in the North America feed phosphate market are The Mosaic Company, Potash Corp., AG CHEMI GROUP s.r.o., EuroChem Ltd., Phosagro Ltd., OCP Group, TIMAB (Phosphea), Rotem Turkey, Lifosa and Elixir Group. Market players are engaging in strategies such as mergers and acquisitions to increase their presence in the market. Industry players are also conducting extensive research to develop feed phosphate formulations with better quality at affordable prices to meet increasing consumer demand.