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    According to the Graphical Research new growth forecast report titled “Europe Feed Phytogenics Market Share By Product (Essential Oils, Herbs & Spices, Oleoresins), By Livestock (Poultry, Swine, Ruminant, Aquatic, Equine)”, Estimated to Exceed USD 240 Million by 2026.

    Growing prevalence of organic feed and antibiotic free nutrition among livestock is a key factor to boost the demand for Europe feed phytogenic market. The growth of industry is driven by various factors such as high demand for nutritious feed and feasible animal products, environmental concern about animal waste pollution, rising intake of meat and efforts to reduce feed operating cost.  

    The Europe phytogenic feed additives market size is projected to register gains of over 3% during the forecast period, owing to growing restriction on the use of antibiotics as a growth promoter or additives. Also, rising concerns regarding animal health and feed quality is likely to stimulate the growth of this market.

    According to market estimates, Europe feed phytogenics market from herbs and species segment will register over 3% gains by the end of the forecast period. Herbs and spices help enhance feed conversion and weight gain in livestock. Furthermore, feed phytogenics from herbs & spices stimulates healthy digestion of the livestock due to its anti-inflammatory properties with no adverse impact on animal health by prolonged usage.

    Swine segment comprises significant market share of phytogenic feed additives market during the forecast period owing to the high consumption of pork globally. European countries such as Germany, France and Spain are major pork exporters across the globe. Growing concerns about meat quality have heightened the focus on the safety and source of the feed involved in animal husbandry. The demand for feed phytogenic from swine segment should rise significantly pertaining to various benefits such as improved carcass composition, growth rate and feed intake in finisher pigs.

    Rising technological advancements in feed additives, increasing livestock population, and regulations promoting the use of feed additives in animal nutrition are expected to foster market growth.  Europe feed phytogenics from ruminant segment should witness a CAGR of around 3.5% in the market. Furthermore, increasing production for aquatic feed to cater to the rising demand for seafood should drive the feed phytogenics market growth owing to its ability to enhance gut flora, digestion, reduce nitrogen excretion and improve feeding efficiency.

    Key players in the Europe feed phytogenics market are Delacon Biotechnik GmbH, BIOMIN Holding GmbH, DOSTOFARM GmbH, Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH, Pancosma, Phytosynthese, Silvateam S.p.A. , NOR-FEED, IGUSOL S.A., Cargill, Incorporated, Adisseo, and Biomin GmbH.