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    According to the Graphical Research new growth forecast report titled “Asia Pacific Yeast Extract Market Size By Technology (Autolyzed Yeast and Hydrolyzed Yeast), By Source (Baker’s Yeast and Brewer’s Yeast), By Form (Powder and Paste) By Application (Food & Beverages [Soups Processed Foods, Dairy Products, Bakery, Sauces & savory flavors, Others], Animal Feed, Pharma, Others)” Estimated to Exceed USD 590 Million by 2026.

    Food and beverage application represents the highest market share compared to the other applications of yeast extracts. It is because of the wide use of yeast extract in the food industry, especially in the bakery sector, which consumes high yeast extract and holds a major share in the food and beverage industry. Asia Pacific is one of the fastest bakery ingredients growing market compare to other regions. Owning to increase in the purchasing power of consumers in developing countries such as India and China, and rising population. Hence this factor accelerates the demand for bakery products and directly impacts the demand for yeast extracts in the Asia Pacific region in the recent and upcoming years. 

    The ongoing trend of natural ingredients and clean label products in the food and beverage and even in the animal feed industry accelerate the demand for yeast extract over the forecasted period. As yeast extract is a natural flavoring ingredient derived from fresh baker’s or brewer’s yeast. In addition, the rising demand for organic food and ingredients in the food and beverage industry another factor that fuels the demand for organic yeast extract in the coming years.

    APAC yeast extract market from animal feed is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% by the end of forecasted timeframe. Growing animal feed industry in the Asia Pacific region and rising pet parenting especially in developing regions led to generate high demand for yeast extract in the feed industry. As yeast extract stimulates the growth of infant and young animal species, also it protects the animal from different diseases due to the stimulation of immune system of animals through yeast beta-glucan and mannan. Hence these functional benefits of yeast extracts in animal health led to fuel its demand in the animal and pet food industry over the forecasted period.

    Alcohol has a long history in social engagement and plays important role in building bonding for many, which is continued in the current scenario as well. Where it is found that the total alcohol per capita consumption among female and male drinkers at the global level is more than or on average 7.0 liters of pure alcohol for females and 19.4 liters for males, which is increasing over the period. Hence this rising alcohol consumption led to fuel the demand for yeast extracts as they are highly used in the production of wine and beer. Additionally, yeast extract is utilized for fermenting the raw beverage with glucose to provide the required alcohol. Moreover, yeast extract is also used as dietary supplements owing to the presence of nutrients such as protein, chromium, selenium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc. furthermore with the essential probiotics, yeast extract also comprises of vitamin B-complex (B1-B7) which is important for cellular energy production and improve metabolism within the human body.

    Key players in the Asia Pacific yeast extract Market include Angel Yeast, Lallemand Inc, Lesaffre, Leiber GmbH, Novozymes, Koninklijke DSM N.V., Kerry Group PLC, Synergy Flavors, Kothari Fermentation and Biochem Ltd., Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd., BSG CraftBrewing, and many others.