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    According to the Graphical Research new growth forecast report titled “Asia Pacific Painting Tools Market Size, By Product (Brushes, Rollers, Scrapers, Knives, Trays, Spray Gun, Masking Tapes), By Application (Construction [Residential, Commercial, Industrial], Automotive, Appliances, Furniture, Industrial Machineries & Equipment, Packaging), Industry Analysis Report, Country Outlook, Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2020 – 2026”, to Witness Steady Growth by 2026

    Asia Pacific Painting Tools Market

    The APAC painting tools market is driven by the rising investments for infrastructure development in residential & industrial spaces. The growing need for smart cities and prioritized expenditure on construction will support the industry expansion. Consumer awareness regarding sustainability has surged the need for the bio-based packaging sector. Moreover, rising inflow of foreign investments in the region will also contribute to painting tools industry growth.

    The consistent change in design needs and evolving consumer preferences in styling are driving renovation activities in established cities. The APAC painting tools market is also witnessing demand from the growing auto sector in terms of domestic production and sales. The region accounts for major auto production and is also experiencing a rapid increase in capacity expansion from major auto players such as Volkswagen, Tesla, and General Motors.

    The APAC painting tools market from rollers accounted for over 25% share in 2019. Continuous innovation in rollers to enhance product performance is a key factor driving the industry growth. Rollers are mainly used for painting larger surface areas. Shifting consumer focus toward the reusable tools with easy cleaning features will enhance segment penetration. Manufacturers are developing long term consumer relationships and strengthening supply chain with an increased trade of painting tools.

    The rapid growth of spray guns is due to their increasing industrial uses. Spray guns are used in high-volume painting that requires a quality finish and even coats, particularly in the automotive industry, driving the market growth. Smooth finish, reduced labor cost, and a boost in the application time are the added advantages of the product. Spray guns reduce the over usage of paints and the overall operational costs. Painting of appliances and applications requiring high efficiency are the key application areas of spray guns. The easy replacement of parts along with the simplicity of mechanics is another factor propelling demand growth.

    In the application segment, industrial machinery & equipment will witness over 4% CAGR in the APAC painting tools market. Industrial equipment are painted to avoid corrosion. High smoothness and weather stability with a clear coat are the trending factors for these applications. Economic and energy-efficient coating are the key factors boosting the overall demand. Research and development improving the paint application in paint rollers and brushes are the major focus areas of the industry players.

    The Asian painting tools market is predominantly driven by large markets such as China, India, and Japan. India will witness around 5% CAGR in terms of revenue till 2026. The country boasts the presence of many manufacturing facilities and major real-estate & construction companies. The positive economic reforms to grow affordable housing development coupled with fast-growing economic conditions have conjugately propelled the market toward a growth pattern. The increasing middle-class population is also expected to drive APAC painting tools market growth.

    Market participants in the Asia Pacific painting tools include Asian Paints, Vishwakarma Impacts, Zhenjiang Jinxing Brush Products Co., Ltd., Jiangsu B-Line Tools Co., Ltd., Maru-T Ohtsuka Corp., Décor India, Prem Brush Factory, and Hylite Brushware Company.