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    Asia Pacific Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) Market Forecast 2027 By Service (Text-to-Voice, Voice Carry Over, Captioned Telephone Service, IP Captioned Telephone Service, Internet Protocol Relay Service, Video Relay Service), By Technology (IP Relay, Traditional Relay), By End Use (Personal, Government, Enterprise), Research Report, Country Outlook (China, Japan, India, ANZ, South Korea, Southeast Asia), COVID-19 Impact Statistics, Price Trends, Historic Data, Growth Prospects, Competitive Industry Share
    Published Date: May 2022   |   Report ID: GR2117   |   Delivery: PDF  Request Free Sample

    Asia Pacific Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) Market size valued at USD 700 million in 2020 and is set to observe around 5% growth rate between 2021 and 2027. The growing demand for improved communication services for individuals with hearing and speech disorders is boosting the market demand.

    Asia Pacific Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) Market Share By End-use

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    The market growth is further due to the supportive government initiatives for the development of improved communication services. Government agencies are expanding their telecommunication relay services across unserved regions.

    The telecommunication relay service market growth in Asia Pacific is attributed to strategic partnerships to enable communication channels for deaf community. For instance, in October 2020, the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center and National Institute of Ministry of Education signed a strategic agreement to facilitate education material for deaf students. Under the agreement, the authorities collaboratively focused on converting the education material into Indian Sign Language. This helped the authorities to ensure the continuous education for students with hearing & speech disabilities.

    Asia Pacific Market, By Service

    The IP caption relay service segment will witness 5% CAGR during the forecast period. The major driving forces behind the increasing usage of IP CTS over other forms of TRS are the relative ease & convenience offered by IP CTS and the absence of any interaction between calling parties and the CA. During an IP CTS call, the presence of a CA is not announced to the hearing party, and the communication between disables person and CA takes place in only one direction.

    Asia Pacific Market, By Technology

    The traditional relay service segment held over 40% market share in 2020, due to more dependency on traditional Communication Assistant (CA) at the call centers. The CA, which is a highly intuitive software suite with multiple collaboration tools, places the call to the desired number and converts the typed text into voice. The voice from other party is relayed back in the form of text, thereby completing the communication loop.

    Asia Pacific Market, By End-use

    The personal end-use segment is expected to grow at a significant rate through 2027. The rapid adoption of mobile devices across individuals with speech disabilities and rising penetration of software application to support relay services are fueling the market revenue. The services include Voice Carry-over (VCO) and Hearing Carry-over (HCO) for the individuals. VCO allows to speak directly to the other parties and then read the response typed by a CA. HCO allows to hear the other party and relay the typed response back to the telephone user through the CA.

    Asia Pacific Market, By Country

    China telecommunication relay service market will exceed USD 100 million revenue by 2027. According to China’s Disabled Person Federation, in 2019, China had approximately 20 million individuals with hearing & language impairments and around 17 visually impaired population. The companies operating across the country are focusing on strategic partnerships to offer advanced solutions to deaf and speech-disabled individuals.

    Competitive Industry Landscape

    Prominent industry participants include Avaya Inc., Bell Canada, Captel Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Convo Communications LLC, DeafTawk, Purple Communications Inc., Relay UK BT (BT Group PLC), RogerVoice, Skype Technologies S.A.R.L., Sorenson Communications LLC, and T-Mobile USA Inc.

    Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) :

    How big is Asia Pacific telecommunication relay services (TRS) market?
    The market share for TRS in Asia Pacific was valued at USD 700 million in 2020 and is projected to observe around 5% CAGR between 2021 and 2027.
    How will the demand for IP caption relay services impact APAC TRS industry outlook?
    The market size for TRS in Asia Pacific from IP caption relay services will record 5% CAGR through 2027 as these solutions provide convenience and relative ease to customers during operation.
    Who will be the major end-users of TRS in Asia Pacific?
    The personal end-use segment will hold a dominant share of Asia Pacific industry by 2027 due to the swift adoption of mobile devices among people with speech disabilities.
    Which are the companies involved in APAC TRS landscape?
    Bell Canada, Avaya Inc., Captel Inc., DeafTawk, Convo Communications LLC, Cisco Systems Inc., and Purple Communications Inc., among others, are the major participants in this market.

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