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    North America Animal Model Market Forecast 2027 By Technology (CRISPR, Microinjection, Embryonic Stem Cell Injection, Nuclear Transfer), By Animal Type (Mice, Rats, Fish, Birds, Cattles, Pigs, Amphibians, Guinea Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Monkeys, Sheep, Hamsters), By Application (Research & Development {Infectious Disease, Immunological Diseases, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Genetic Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Obesity, NAFLD/NASH, Renal Disease, Diabetic Eye Disease, Fibrosis, Microbiome}, Production and Quality Control, Academics, Preclinical Applications {Infectious Disease, Immunological Diseases, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Genetic Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Obesity, NAFLD/NASH, Renal Disease, Diabetic Eye Disease, Fibrosis, Microbiome}), By Use (Human, Veterinary), By End-use (Companies {Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics}, Organizations {Government, Non-government}, Academic and Research Institutes, Contract Research Organizations (CRO)), Research Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada), COVID-19 Impact Statistics, Price Trends, Historic Data, Growth Prospects, Competitive Industry Share
    Published Date: June 2021   |   Report ID: GR1851   |   Delivery: PDF  Request Free Sample

    North America Animal Model Market size crossed USD 10.2 billion in 2020 and is estimated to witness over 8.4% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.

    An animal model represents non-human species able to mimic aspects of a disease found in humans and is used in medical research. Animal models aid in capturing information regarding disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They are in huge demand by large number of research institutions and well-established players in the industry across the developed countries. Additionally, the demand for animal models has been considerably increased due to an increase in the use of CRISPR technique. In addition, the North America animal model market growth is majorly driven by the production of animal models for rare diseases such as osteoarthritis and cardiomyopathy by pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with other organizations. 

    North America Animal Model Market

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    Growing consumption of personalized medicine is driving the demand for humanized mice models across the North America region. The development and market introduction of personalized medicine products and services emerged rapidly in the U.S. particularly. The concerns regarding the adverse effects of certain drugs and the desire to increase patient involvement in medical decisions have a potential to speed up the widespread acceptance of personalized medicine in the U.S.

    Moreover, the Precision Medicine Initiative was introduced by the government in the U.S. Under this initiative, the government intends to increase knowledge related to cancer genetics and biology, discover more effective therapeutics for chronic disorders and promote the use of precision medicine. Furthermore, presently in Canada, personalized medicine based on genetic testing is being practiced across provinces and specialities. Several physicians recognise its benefits and have contributed to augmenting its adoption in Canada.

    North America Market, By Animal Type

    Mice segment revenue was more than USD 6,889 million in 2020 owing to their genetic similarity to humans. Mice are commonly used as animal model to study human diseases. They are used as research models for studies in diverse fields such as biology, psychology and even engineering. They are used to understand human diseases intending to discover and improvise therapeutics. Diseases such as hypertension, aggressive behaviour, anxiety, respiratory problems, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, and others incorporate mice models in research. Therefore, unique inbred and mutant mice models are currently available for genetic research, thereby contributing to the North America animal model market expansion.

    North America Market, By Technology

    CRISPR technology segment is anticipated to expand at 8.8% through 2027. The higher growth of the segment in the North America animal model market is due to the potential applications such as correction of genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases. CRISPR-Cas9 has enabled the generation of transgenic animal models. It enables the reduction in cost and timesaving required for genome editing and enabling production of animals with more extensive genetic modifications. Genetically engineered animal models replicate human ailments precisely and are essential in pathological study of various disorders. The development of CRISPR system has promoted rapid and economically viable production of animal models in comparison to traditional gene-targeting methods.

    North America Market, By Application

    Research and development applications held majority North America animal model market share in 2020 and was valued at USD 6,081 million led by the increasing expenditure in research and development across the region. The use of animal models in research has resulted in the advancement of knowledge pertaining to diseases affecting animals and humans. It has also led to the effective treatment of disease symptoms and disease cures. These models form an integral and vital component for biomedical research and studies in the field of regenerative medicine. The use of animal models in R&D activities offer crucial information for systemically assessing the potential risks as well as efficacy of novel biomaterials medical devices, drugs, and therapeutic options before initiating human clinical trials.

    North America Market, By Use

    Human segment in the North America animal model market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% during the estimation timeframe impelled by the rising demand for human vaccines. Animal models are extensively being used in order to produce effective therapeutics for specific diseases found in humans. Moreover, growing focus towards studying human-specific infections and immune responses with actual effect of drugs on humans is augmenting the utilization of animal models.

    North America Market, By End-use

    In North America animal model market, Companies end-use segment size surpassed USD 6,247 million in 2020 propelled by the growing adoption of animal models for discovery and production of novel drugs by the biopharmaceutical companies. Biopharmaceutical companies are engaged in funding veterinary research projects. For instance, companies engaged in offering treatment for cardiac diseases use animal models for studying the efficacy of the treatment. Research and development related to valvular heart disease currently emphasizes on understanding the mechanisms for developing a medical treatment as well as valve replacement options. These studies incorporate small animal models that offer easy access for in vivo imaging with minimal intervention.

    North America Market, By Country

    U.S. animal model market revenue was over USD 9,027 million in 2020. The large market size is attributed to the increasing rate of drug development in the country. Rising healthcare expenditure in the U.S. is contributing to effective drug development. These factors are contributing for the growing demand for animal models in the U.S. Additionally, government initiatives engaged in increasing adoption of personalized medicine in the country is contributing to the rising demand for animal models. Moreover, presence of well-established market players is contributing to the increasing production and availability of animal models.

    Competitive Industry Landscape

    Some of the major players involved in the North America animal model market include Charles River, Envigo, genOway, PharmaLegacy and Taconic Biosciences, among others. These companies are adopting various organic and inorganic strategies such as product launches and partnerships for garnering maximum market share and strengthening their presence.

    Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) :

    How much is North America animal model industry worth?
    The market size for animal model in North America reached USD 10.2 billion in 2020 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 8.4% through 2027.
    Why is North America mice model market gaining traction?
    The mice model industry in North America garnered over USD 6,889 million in 2020 and will continue to grow due to increasing application in diverse fields such as biology, psychology, and engineering.
    How are R&D applications contributing towards North America animal model sector?
    The market share for animal model in North America from R&D applications reached USD 6,081 million in 2020 and should expand led by increasing investments in research and development.
    What factors are driving the adoption of animal models across North American companies?
    The regional industry size from companies reached USD 6,247 million in 2020 and will grow due to increased adoption of animal models among biotech and biopharma companies for drug discovery.
    What is the projected growth trend for U.S. animal model segment?
    The market size for animal model in U.S. to hit USD 9,027 million in 2020 and will grow owing to increasing expenditure on drug development.

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