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    Europe Hydrogen Peroxide Market Size By End-user (Paper & Pulp, Chemical, Waste Water Treatment, Mining and Others), Research Report, Country Outlook, Price Trends, Growth Prospects, COVID-19 Impact Statistics, Competitive Industry Share & Forecasts, 2021 – 2027
    Published Date: May 2021   |   Report ID: GR1815   |   Delivery: PDF  Request Free Sample

    Europe Hydrogen Peroxide Market size exceeded USD 1,087 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to exhibit a CAGR of 5.7% from 2021 to 2027. The growing demand from paper & pulp industry where it is used for bleaching and deinking of paper, shall be positively influencing the market growth.

    Europe Hydrogen Peroxide Market

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    Hydrogen peroxide is extensively utilized for Hydrogen Peroxide to Propylene Oxide development, organic peroxide initiator, herbicide production, flame retardants, peracetic acid production, and various others. Europe has remained a significant market for hydrogen peroxide over the past few years and will witness significant growth due to the mature paper & pulp and chemicals sector in this region.

    The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the paper & pulp, chemical and mining industry is heavily dependent on consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies; thus, mixed demand from different industries is likely to challenge the hydrogen peroxide manufacturers to cater to the demand from paper and packaging companies to further cater to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Governments across the globe have implemented lockdown measures including shutdown of production facilities to combat the situation, substantial effect on the hydrogen peroxide sales.

    Europe Market, By End-user

    Europe Hydrogen Peroxide Market

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    The wastewater treatment segment generated over USD 90 million revenue in 2020. The hydrogen peroxide is a durable oxidizing agent, it decomposes toxic elements in wastewater, making it suitable for discharge in water bodies. Hydrogen peroxide perform as a cleansing agent in cleaning drinking water by eliminating the ozone particles during the water treatment.

    Moreover, due to increasing in the COVID-19 cases in Europe, it has created significant problem of biomedical wastewater disposal has caused widespread public concern, as reportedly the presence is confirmed in wastewater. Similar to the possible spreading of the COVID-19 through the asymptomatic carrier, absence of appropriate sewage treatment and poor waste management can worsen the impending through wastewater. With increase concern towards the building the effective and newer water and wastewater treatment plant for the fresh water is expected to provide significant opportunity for the market participants.

    The paper & pulp subsegment is expected to remain dominant in the Europe hydrogen peroxide market. It is used as the key factor and structural substance for the paper production and thus determines various of the properties of paper products. Moreover, increasing demand for paper-related solution in many products such as packaging, bags, paper disposals, and due to its functionality, recyclability, and biodegradability. European Union has implied the instruction to ban on the sale of plastic disposable, which will be effective by 2021, which is likely spur the further growth in the consumption of paper products across the Europe.

    Competitive Industry Landscape

    Some of the key companies engaged in the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide are Arkema, Solvay, Nouryon, Kemira, Nuberg EPC, Akzo Nobel and Evonik Industries. The industry players are doing a capital investment in the new plant to increase their production capacity and footprint along the way. For instance, in 2019 the Evonik is planning to add new production line for hydrogen peroxide in its Antwerp, Belgium facility.

    Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) :

    What is the projected growth rate for Europe hydrogen peroxide market over 2021-2027?
    The industry for hydrogen peroxide in Europe exceeded USD 1,087 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% through 2027.
    How is paper & pulp segment contributing towards Europe hydrogen peroxide sector?
    The market size from paper and pulp sector will expand significantly as it is a key end-user of hydrogen peroxide in Europe where it is used as a structural substance for paper production.
    How much revenue did Europe hydrogen peroxide industry generate from the wastewater treatment segment in 2020?
    The market for hydrogen peroxide in Europe share from wastewater treatment segment reached USD 90 million in 2020.
    Which are the key suppliers of hydrogen peroxide in Europe?
    Arkema, Evonik, Akzo Nobel, Kemira, and Solvay are among the top players comprising Europe market.

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