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    Asia Pacific Vacuum Coating Equipment Market Forecast 2028 By Product (PVD, Magnetron Sputtering, CVD), By Application (PVD [Microelectronics, Storage, Solar, Medical Equipment, Cutting Tools], Magnetron Sputtering [Metallizing For Microelectronic Circuits And Chip Carriers, Electrical Resistance Films, Magnetic Films, Opto Storage Devices, Corrosion-Resistant Films, Gas Sensors], CVD [Integrated Circuits & Photovoltaic Devices, Polymerization, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Gas Sensing & Low-K Dielectrics]), Research Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada), COVID-19 Impact Statistics, Price Trends, Historic Data, Growth Prospects, Competitive Industry Share
    Published Date: July 2022   |   Report ID: GR1097   |   Delivery: PDF  Request Free Sample

    Asia Pacific Vacuum Coating Equipment Market size surpassed USD 13,700 million in 2021 and is projected exhibit a CAGR of 6% between 2022 and 2028.

    The industry is recording a stable growth pace, thanks to the increasing penetration of mobile devices. Recent rise in residential construction projects in APAC is expected to be a key market driver, thanks to the industrialization and urbanization of regional towns. Socio-economic factors, including higher disposable incomes of residents, alongside easy loan availability, will exert a positive influence on the market.

    Asia Pacific Vacuum Coating Equipment Market

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    COVID-19 Impact on APAC Vacuum Coating Equipment Industry

    The advent of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 led to significant problems in the global supply chain, impacting regional manufacturers as well. Lockdown restrictions halted the production activities in the automotive, semiconductor and consumer goods sectors, slowing down vacuum coating equipment demand to some extent. After the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the gaps in the global supply chain, companies have been working on building a more resilient network of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, which could bode well for market.

    Asia Pacific Market, By Product

    The automotive sector is a prominent end-user of PVD vacuum coating equipment in Asia Pacific. More automakers are adopting plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) in their product lines as they are easy-to-clean, heat resistant, cost effective, and aesthetically appealing. They have been seeking advanced solutions for producing superior-quality anti-glare vacuum coating solutions for rearview mirrors of their latest car models.

    Asia Pacific Market, By Country

    Australia vacuum coating equipment market will gain remarkable momentum during the forecast timeline, prompted by the rising inclusion of thin-film devices using vacuum-deposited technologies in solar panels. Recently, researchers from Australian National University, in collaboration with University of New South Wales and Flinders University, revealed the results of a study. They found that the overall performance of perovskite films can be improved using guanidinium salts, which will accelerate the commercialization of the technology. Since perovskite solar cells have gained considerable attention over the last few years, this development is likely to push the market share from CVD segment. Regional organizations, including Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), have been supporting the development of next-generation solar cell technologies.

    With carbon neutrality goals becoming more ambitious, governments in APAC are introducing favorable policies encouraging solar panel installation. Since residential construction activities are gaining momentum across Thailand and Indonesia, increased dependence on renewables will drive product use. Q3 2021 saw the commencement of several multi-family housing projects in Thailand. Several households in APAC have been embracing solar energy, thereby boosting vacuum coating equipment applications.

    India vacuum coating equipment industry will cross USD 1,300 million revenue by 2028. Industry participants will gain significant demand from potential semiconductor manufacturers in India. The nation is expected to emerge as a reliable global leader in the global semiconductor supply chain. Recently, in April 2022, the regional government urged the U.S. semiconductor companies to upscale their investments in India.

    Competitive Industry Landscape

    Prominent participants operating across the market are Kolzer SRL, Miba Coating Group, ULVAC Inc., Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd. (SVS), IHI Corporation, Buhler AG, CVD Equipment Corporation, and Semicore Equipment, Inc. These companies have been offering custom solutions to a wide range of end-users.

    Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) :

    What is value of Asia Pacific vacuum coating equipment industry?
    The market size for vacuum coating equipment in APAC was over USD 13,700 million in 2021 and is expected to record a CAGR of around 6% between 2022 and 2028.
    How is the automotive sector expanding APAC vacuum coating equipment market?
    The industry for vacuum coating equipment in APAC will amass substantial returns from automotive sector as automakers seek advanced solutions for producing superior-quality components for their latest car models.
    Why is India vacuum coating equipment sector growing?
    The industry size for vacuum coating equipment in India will have surpassed over USD 1,300 million by 2028 with a strong automotive sector, emerging EV demand and a potentially large semiconductor manufacturing domain.
    Who makes vacuum coating equipment for the Asia Pacific market?
    Kolzer SRL, Miba Coating Group, ULVAC Inc., Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd. (SVS), IHI Corporation, Buhler AG, CVD Equipment Corporation, and Semicore Equipment, Inc. are some top vacuum coating equipment manufacturers in Asia Pacific.

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