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Q1. How can I buy Graphical Research Reports?

        On our website, you can choose the report you want to buy, and use any one of the following methods:
                1.    Bank Wire Transfer
                2.    Online Payment through Credit Card
                       a.    Visa
                       b.    Master
                       c.     American Express

Q2. What do different licenses mean?

      Single user offers report usage limited to a single user only.   

                 Multi user offers report usage limited to up to 5 users only. 

                 Corporate license offers report usage across the organization.


Q3. How do I get the receipt for my purchases?

Once the payment process is completed, an invoice is immediately sent to you via email.

Q4. What are the terms for payment and after-sales support?

As per standard business, all payments made are non-refundable. We offer comprehensive post-sales support, including call-time with the author/analyst to address any queries about the report. In addition, clients can also request additional data points, up to 10% of the report cost, free of charge, post purchase.