Recent developments in Europe electric motorcycles & scooters market

Published Date: July 26, 2022

Growing concerns regarding vehicle emissions & air pollution are powering Europe electric motorcycles & scooters market forecast. Concerned about the degradation of the environment, the European Union plans to reduce transportation emissions by 90% and phase out gasoline engines. To that goal, several automakers are developing hybrid and fully electric automobiles, trucks, lorries, and other vehicles. While powered two-wheelers presently account for a small percentage of the vehicle fleet on EU highways, they are increasingly being utilized for highly specialized tasks. 

Over the last few months, thousands of individuals are relying on an expanding choice of shared micro mobility solutions in European cities. With industry players such as Z electric Vehicle and Suzuki Motors Corporation adding technologically advanced features in their product lines, more customers have been purchasing these vehicles. Take a look at the three prominent factors shaping Europe electric motorcycles & scooters industry trends in 2022 and beyond:


Automakers respond to the growing demand for electric motorcycles in the U.K.

Electric mobility is fueling a manufacturing boom for vehicles ranging from motorbikes to small foldable scooters. According to a poll conducted by the British insurance business Bikesure, 47.6% of UK motorcyclists want to possess an electric motorcycle. Electric street, as well as off-road motorcycles and scooters are presently offered by manufacturers such as Zero, Energica, Sur-Ron, and NIU in the market. Electric motorcycles and hydrogen fuel-cell versions are also being developed by mainstream Japanese and European manufacturers.

Zero's current all-electric lineup ranges from the FX, a tiny on- and off-road competent dual-sport motorbike, to the SR/S sportbike. The 110-horsepower SR/S can achieve 124 mph and has a range of more than 200 miles when outfitted with an upgraded battery. The FR/S is so sophisticated that some experts alluded to Zero being the Tesla of two wheels in in its review. What makes Zero so unique in U.K. electric motorcycles market is its app that allows users to customize the bike's maximum speed, power, torque, and regenerative braking characteristics.

Recently, the company also signed a 10-year agreement with Polaris, a recreational vehicle giant, that should provide it all the resources it needs to grow its manufacturing and distribution facilities. With leading automakers focusing on innovation as a key to customer satisfaction, it can be expected that U.K. electric motorcycles and scooters industry share will see considerable traction in the upcoming years.

Swappable batteries: A major game changer in terms of sustainability

With this latest advancement, e-scooter batteries can be carried for charged and switched on the spot, decreasing e-scooter energy use and congestion significantly. Honda Motorcycles of Japan, the world's largest motorbike manufacturer, is heavily invested in the electric drive. The company is plans to introduce swappable battery technology for electric motorcycles, which will allow users to swiftly change the batteries after usage.

Honda has also filed patents for electric-powered versions of its CB125R and CB300R general-purpose bikes with "café racer" design in the electric motorcycles and scooters market in Europe. Another leading name in the electric scooter market, Voi, has begun deploying swappable battery scooters in France and the Nordics. Its newest Voiager 3 scooter has swappable batteries and is expected to last 24 months of service.

Using data from millions of rides, manufacturers have achieved huge advancements in vehicle hardware design. E-scooters of today are built for heavy use, shared use, and outdoor use, which increases their longevity and safety. The typical operational life of Voi's newest Voiager 3 scooter, for example, is projected to be three years. To be compatible with this projected lifespan, several companies have rolled out efficient EV batteries, strengthening electric motorcycles and scooters industry forecast.

 Shivani Nagdev