Asia Pacific DPMS market size grows with robust demand for cloud deployment model

Published Date: October 3, 2022

Asia Pacific dental practice management software (DPMS) market share will grow at a healthy pace with the increasing emphasis on oral health in the region. As the incidence of diseases stemming from poor oral care is growing at a worrying rate across the APAC countries, the network of dental clinics is expanding.

DPMS helps dental office managers as well as dentists manage their daily operations efficiently. Some of these functions include charting, setting patient appointments, billing, communicating with patients, managing social media presence, and purchasing critical inventory.

Since innovation is one of the crucial factors defining the success or failure of an enterprise in any industry, the demand for cutting-edge software has grown. DPMS can not only make it easier to carry out the daily functions in a dental clinic, but also improve their patients’ experience.

ACE Dental Software, RecallMax, Dentrix, Open Dental Software, Planet DDS, Reservio, and Emitrr, are some of the leading developers of DPMS solutions in Asia Pacific. The regional dental practice management software industry size is anticipated to surpass USD 1.2 billion by 2030.

asia pacific dpms market size

Growing importance of oral health:

Oral hygiene has been a focal point of discussion for years as the prevalence of dental diseases is rising at a steady rate across the APAC countries. According to statistics by the Government of the Philippines, periodontal diseases and dental caries are two of the most common dental ailments affecting a vast majority of the country’s population.

This indicates a strong need for proper healthcare policies in the nation to promote the importance of following an effective oral care routine. Government initiatives to increase oral health awareness through frequent dental care programs will boost Asia Pacific DPMS industry outlook.

Patient communication to become easier with DPMS:

Medical professionals must maintain clear lines of communication with their patients, right from their appointment schedule to their treatment plans. The demand for DPMS is gaining traction among dentists as it has a wide range of software solutions that help them stay in touch with their patients.

Dentists are extensively using the patient communication solutions in DPMS to automate several tasks, such as recall reminders, appointment confirmations, and treatment plan reminders. Using this software can enhance a patient’s experience, thereby helping a clinic gain favorable reviews.

Low infrastructure costs boost cloud DPMS demand:

One of the main concerns healthcare experts face is finding a high-quality software that does not incur them heavy installation or maintenance costs. They must also ensure that this software provides robust data security while storing confidential patient information.

Cloud DPMS offers many benefits in this regard. These include low installation costs, reduced IT costs for maintenance or troubleshooting, high data security, no requirement for dedicated servers, and remote access to all data files.

Many companies are investing heavily in cloud DPMS systems to allow large-scale digitization of dental clinics. For example, in July 2022, India-based cloud dental software firm CareStack closed its commercial and equity investment partnership with Swiss company Straumann Group. The Indian startup aims to use these funds to digitize around 10,000 dental offices over the next 5 years.

Large-scale dental screening programs fuel product demand in Singapore:

Oral health is gaining renewed importance among the regional population, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, since most dental clinics were closed for a substantial period of time. Countries like Singapore have started investing heavily to increase the network of dental clinics.

For example, HealthServe Ltd., a medical center in Singapore, doubled the capacity of its dental clinics by the end of 2021, allowing its medical staff to tend to 40% more patients in 2022. The country also held a large-scale dental screening drive for its migrant workers. These efforts will accelerate the installation of DPMS across the nation’s dental offices.

Asia Pacific dental practice management software (DPMS) market size will expand at a healthy rate due to the rising need for automation in dentistry. More clinics are switching to DPMS to increase the efficiency of their daily business operations. Emerging applications such as insurance management, payment processing, and scheduling are strengthening the industry potential to a great extent.

 Priyanka Nair