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    Electronic security systems in the UK to witness increase in demand amid rising number of burglaries

    Electronic security systems are gaining considerable traction in recent times, with the rapid increase in cyberattacks. The electronic security market across UK in particular, will depict considera...
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    Rising adoption of recreational activities to foster North America power sports market expansion

    With escalating popularity of X-games and off-roading recreational activities, the North America power sports market is expected to expand exponentially in the coming years. In recent times, sporti...
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    POS terminals encounter rising adoption across North America to meet digital payment demand

    The concept of digitization has considerably picked pace across North America as POS terminals are being used on a large scale to facilitate ease of payment and transparency while carrying out vari...
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    Pet insurance in North America to notice rise in demand due to growing number of pet ailments

    North America has witnessed a substantial rise in the number of pet owners in recent years, which will positively impact the regional pet insurance market forecast. Another reason attributed to the...
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    How will rising demand for telehealth impact the Europe digital health market landscape?

    Characterized by strong R&D developments and investments, Europe digital health market has undergone a significant change in the last few years. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising burd...
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    What does the future of Europe digital banking market indicate?

    Europe digital banking market is seeing enormous upheaval, with online deposits, smartphone applications, and e-bill payments becoming mainstream. Traditional banking institutions have proven outda...
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    Cybersecurity solutions gain traction across Europe’s manufacturing sector

    Cybersecurity solutions are witnessing high adoption among end-users in Europe due to the rising need for a strong data security infrastructure. The regional cybersecurity market share is predicted...
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    Asia Pacific e-learning market to grow with escalating adoption of remote working culture

    With growing adoption of work-from-home culture across corporates and rapid transformation of conventional education into contactless classes, the Asia Pacific e-learning market is slated to witnes...
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    Growing adoption of sustainable transportation to foster Europe car sharing market expansion

    The carsharing market in Europe, since the last few years, has depicted commendable expansion, on account of the increased preference toward shared mobility in an economy plagued with soaring gas p...
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    Digital health across APAC to witness escalating demand as telehealth and wearable technology gain traction

    With escalating prevalence of the COVID-19 virus and its highly contagious nature resulting in increasing adoption of various technologies to render essential public services, the ...
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    Cannabidiol (CBD) products to depict high demand across North America to combat medical ailments

    The CBD market across North America has been depicting substantial progress in recent times. Cannabidiol is a compound that is naturally derived from the cannabis plant and is popularly used across...
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