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    North America digital banking market value will increase with demand for auto-debit/credit services

    North America digital banking market share will grow at an impressive rate due to the rising demand for digital payment processes. A large percentage of the millennial po...
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    Future of Europe online gambling market: Emerging trends & technologies

    Driven by several breakthrough technological advancements such as AR & VR, Europe online gambling market has been riding a strong growth wave over the past decade. ...
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    North America compounding pharmacies market forecast fueled by rising dermatology applications

    North America compounding pharmacies market share will grow at a notable rate due to the rising demand for personalized medication across the region. Personalized medicin...
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    With sustainability goals in vision, Europe fertilizer market sees promising future

    Europe fertilizer market is set to record notable expansion over the course of the next couple of years. Fertilizers presently feed over half of the world's population, amounting to around 20 b...
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    Recent developments in Europe electric motorcycles & scooters market

    Growing concerns regarding vehicle emissions & air pollution are powering Europe electric motorcycles & scooters market forecast. Concerned about the degradation of the environment, the Eur...
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    Asia Pacific witnesses robust demand for probiotic foods due to rising health consciousness

    Growing consciousness about health and wellbeing among people will expand Asia Pacific probiotics market size. The burden of a variety of diseases due to nutritional deficiency is increasing in man...
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    Three factors driving Asia Pacific automotive aftermarket trends

    Asia Pacific automotive aftermarket is likely to witness significant changes in the upcoming years. The rising popularity of semi-autonomous, electric, hybrid, and autonomous vehicles is predicted ...
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    Europe medical oxygen concentrators market share to increase from portable products

    Europe medical oxygen concentrators market size will expand at a substantial rate because the region is noticing a worrying rise in chronic disease cases. A vast majority of the population in Europ...
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    Car sharing services gain momentum across North America as environmental concerns rise

    North America car sharing market share will see a considerable growth during the forecast period of 2021-2027. One of the main reasons for this is the number of benefits carsharing services offer. ...
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    How is Europe at the forefront of smart electric meter deployment?

    Powered by ongoing digitalization, electrification, and decentralization efforts across the region, Europe smart electric meter market is riding on a high growth wave. Considering the ever-growing ...
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    Demand for pet care products grows in Europe with rising need for companion animals

    The geriatric population in Europe has surprisingly turned out to a major reason driving the demand for pet care products in the region. The elderly population across the European continent is grow...
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    E-learning gains momentum in Europe driven by robust need for virtual learning platforms

    The internet penetration is growing at a fast rate in many countries across Europe, which has been a major factor pushing the growth of Europe e-learning market. In fact, according to the Eurostat,...
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    An insight into Europe solar panel cleaning market outlook: Robotic technologies to be at the forefront

    Europe solar panel cleaning market promises strong ROI thr...
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    Top 3 reasons why 2022 is the best time to invest in Europe pet insurance market

    Europe pet insurance market is an active ecosystem with numerous transitions spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the key factors driving market expansion is the global trend toward pet adoptio...
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    Mobile wallet solutions depict massive demand across Europe as digital payment methods gain traction

    Europe mobile wallet market size is expected to grow at a notable rate during the forecast period of 2020-2026. The region is witnessing a substantial rise in the use of mobile wallets as a major p...
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